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The Diagnosis – Monoamniotic Twins

The date was Friday, January 4, a date I will remember forever!  I went to the doctor for my eight week sonogram.  I told the tech I think I’m having twins (see my Mother’s Intuition post).  She of course asked the usual questions: How old are you?; Did you do IVF? (which by the way … Continue reading

Mother’s Intuition

This crazy pregnancy was not my first pregnancy.  I have two other children a five year old and a three year old.  They say every pregnancy is different but from the get go something told me this pregnancy was REALLY different.  I had an extremely early positive pregnancy test, and felt sick only a couple of weeks … Continue reading

I’m back…..with two babies!

As you can see from the time gap from this post and the last post I’m not great at blogging.  This isn’t the first time I have tried to blog before, but every other time I have tried in the past I have failed miserably.  You know the routine, a post here, another post a … Continue reading