Mother’s Intuition

This crazy pregnancy was not my first pregnancy.  I have two other children a five year old and a three year old.  They say every pregnancy is different but from the get go something told me this pregnancy was REALLY different.  I had an extremely early positive pregnancy test, and felt sick only a couple of weeks in, and finally I had a little baby bump at eight weeks.  I know with subsequent pregnancies you can show early but this was just insane.  So I turned to Dr. Google (I know such a reliable source) and all my signs were signs of a twin pregnancy, but they could also be signs of a regular pregnancy.  I doubted the idea of twins for some time but finally decided to listen to that nagging “mother’s intuition” that was hanging out in my gut (or maybe that was just the morning sickness).  I told my husband what I was thinking and his response was “wow that would be cool”.  I have to be honest, “cool” wasn’t exactly what I thought at first, instead my thoughts were more like “twins could be fun, but wow so challenging” or “I can do this, right?”.

Challenging might have been an understatement because at my eight week appointment I find out my intuition is right and we are having twins!


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