I’m back…..with two babies!

As you can see from the time gap from this post and the last post I’m not great at blogging.  This isn’t the first time I have tried to blog before, but every other time I have tried in the past I have failed miserably.  You know the routine, a post here, another post a month later, and then silence.  And this time might be the same, but I’m trying again because I had a monoamniotic monochorionic twin pregnancy.  This means the twins are identical, but they share an amniotic sac.  Basically, a week after conception everything splits into two.  The placenta and amniotic sac were already forming and thus they ended up in one amniotic sac (versus normal identical twins that are formed in two amniotic sacs).  Having one amniotic sac comes with a whole host of complications, much of which I will get through in later posts.  There is a 1% chance of this happening in pregnancy and somehow I fell into that 1%! 

There is not a lot of research on monoamniotic monochorionic twins, also known as momo twins.  And the research that is out there does not always carry a promising outcome for these babies.  Personal blogs have been my resource through this my process, and my hope is that my blog can now be a promising resource to others.


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